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Taking home a new Volvo feels amazing. When you visit Volvo Cars of Frederick, you can browse our extensive inventory of new Volvo models, including pure electric SUVs and efficient plug-in hybrid sedans. While driving back to your Mount Airy home in a new Volvo is enough of a reward by itself, we can think of something even better: saving money on your next Volvo purchase or lease.

At our finance center, we make sure that our customers from Damascus and beyond get deals that are right for them on their next Volvo model. When you shop with us, we make auto financing easy. Whether you decide to purchase or lease your next Volvo, shopping at our dealership will ensure that you get a deal that fits your lifestyle.

Volvo Purchase Specials

Have you considered taking home a new Volvo to own? If so, we don't blame you. When you have a brand-new Volvo model sitting in your driveway, your neighbors will know that you're serious about luxury. With plenty of incredible features inside and out, you won't regret keeping your new Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon model for the long run.

At Volvo Cars of Frederick, our team members will point you to a new Volvo that's right for your lifestyle. Whether you desire a pure electric SUV like the new Volvo XC40 Recharge or a spacious wagon model like a new Volvo V90, we'll make sure to provide you with a deal that's right for you. Be sure to browse our current new Volvo purchasing specials to get the best deal possible on your desired new Volvo.

Volvo Lease Deals

At our dealership near Ijamsville, we make sure to provide our customers the flexibility to choose whether they want to purchase or lease their new Volvo. When you lease a new Volvo, you will have it for a set amount of time and therefore not own the vehicle. Middletown drivers who prefer to lease their new Volvo vehicle tend to enjoy lower monthly payments than those who purchase their vehicle outright.

In addition to the benefits that come with leasing your new Volvo, drivers from Walkersville and beyond can enjoy an easy lease return process with Volvo Cars of Frederick. With the flexibility to choose whether you return the vehicle, extend your lease, purchase the vehicle outright, or lease another Volvo vehicle, we make sure our customers can choose what they want out of a new Volvo lease. Browse our Volvo lease deals today to save money on your next leasing venture.

Ourisman To Go - Save Time by Shopping Online

If you've purchased or lease a car at another dealership, you know that financing is a hassle. With Ourisman To Go, Buckeystown area drivers can enjoy an easy-to-use interface for picking out and financing their next Volvo vehicles. When you use Ourisman To Go, you'll only need to complete these three convenient steps:

  1. Find the Right Car
  2. Purchase from Home
  3. Drive Happy and Safe

In just three easy steps, you can have your new Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon sitting in your driveway and drawing the eyes of your neighbors. For an easy, straightforward approach to purchasing or leasing a new Volvo, be sure to choose Volvo Cars of Frederick.

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Are you ready to explore easy, affordable financing options? At Volvo Cars of Frederick, we make sure to provide our customers with the resources they need to get the deal that's right for them. Explore our specials and deals, then use Ourisman To Go to get your new Volvo car in your driveway - no hassle required.